Communication Field of Study - Associate of Arts

The Associate of Arts degree in Communication with a speech concentration is a focused program of study which provides a strong foundation in undergraduate interpersonal interaction, group communication, argument and debate, as well as in public speaking skills.

Classes prepare students for transfer to four-year institutions and entry into careers in which effective communication skills are important, such as teaching, public relations, business, mass communication, and law. Some variation in requirements may exist at a particular four-year college or university; therefore it is essential that students also refer to the catalog of the prospective transfer institution and consult a counselor.

The program is intended to help instill a sense of competence and clarity in applying professional communication skills. The development of strong communication skills will encourage confidence and professionalism in all communication situations.

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Cantu, Dr. Rosalinda rcantu 956-872-2558 Pecan P-1.126
Cardenas, Moraima mcardenas 956-872-2520 Pecan P-1.121
Chapa, Jason jjchapa 956-872-5612 Pecan P-1.125
Fuentes, Andrea amfuentes 956-872- 5632 Pecan P-1.149
Garcia, Irma igarcia11 956-872-2366 Pecan P-1.117
Jimenez, Carmela cjimenez 956-973-7640 Mid-Valley G-241
Nunn, Laura lauranunn 956-872-2567 Pecan P-1.123
Ortega-Hilpert, Elizabeth eortega 956-872-2656 Pecan P-1.119
Scales, Michael mjscales 956-872-5610 Pecan P-1.124
Taylor, Dawn dtaylor 956-872-3479 Pecan P-1.118
Wyatt, Debra dwyatt 956-447-6650 Mid-Valley G-240

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Earhart, Venisa - Faculty Secretary vgarza_2077 956-872-2366 Pecan P-1.116