Language & Cultural Studies

The Language and Cultural Studies Field of Study is designed to provide students the opportunity to develop and enhance their practical communication skills and cross-cultural understanding that will provide them the foundational coursework required for careers in languages and cultural studies.

Furthermore, the field of study will focus on integrating language, culture and literature to help students gain an international perspective for living and working in today's global society.

Students declaring a field of study in Languages and Cultural Studies may choose courses in one or more of the following concentrations: Spanish, Bilingual/Bicultural Studies, Spanish/English Translation and American Sign Language.

Staff Faculty

Name E-mail Phone FAX Location
Martinez, Maricela mmartin1 (956) 872-6425 (956) 872-2636 PCN J-3.1102D
Name E-mail Phone Location
Banford, James P. jpbanfor 956-872-2543 Pecan J-3.1604
Belena, Dr. Emmanuel ebelena 956-872-2610 Pecan J-3.1502
Espinoza, Mario espinoza 956-973-7607 Weslaco G 237
Lopez, Nereida nlopez 956-872-2003 Pecan J - 3.1508
Magdaleno-Lejarza, Delia deliam 956-872-8380 Pecan J-3.1314
Matulewicz, Rosario rosariom 956-872-3465 Pecan J-3.1304
Pastor, Elisa - Department Chair epastor 956-872-2697 Pecan J-3.1506
Silva, Juan jsilva 956-872-2691 Pecan J-3.1318
Villarreal, Hector hectorv 956-872-2692 Pecan J-3.1320
Dr. Zenor, Jerry - ASL jzenor 956-872-2624 Pecan J-3.1510


Tierra Firme Spanish Club Links Study Abroad

Tierra Firme cover ! G R A C I A S !

Queremos Agradecer muy especialmente toda la colaboración de las siguentes personas, ya que sin ellas nuestra publicación no hubiera sido una realidad:

Dr. Shirley A. Reed

Sr. Juan Mejía
Vice Presidente

Spanish Club


  • To service our community
  • To promote our Hispanic Culture
  • To promote social and recreational
    activities among its members

Spanish Club Officers

President: Daniel Díaz

Vice-President: Lupita Tijerina

Treasurer: Juan García

Secretary: Daisy Urbina

Historian/Public Relations: Jessica and Mariana

Spanish Club Sponsorss

Héctor Villarreal

Spanish Club Calendar of Events

Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration - Sept. 15th - Oct. 15th

Dieciséis de septiembre - Hispanic Heritage Month - "Kick-off"
Thursday, September 15th - 11:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m. - Cafeteria
Tejano Band / Folklórico / Mariachi Singer / Grito Contest / Singing (Karaoke) Contest / Food Sale

Traditional Hispanic Dishes Contest
Wednesday, September 21st - 12:00 p.m. - 1:30 p.m. - Cafeteria Awards

Panel - "Spanish in Today's Media"
Thursday, October 6th - 11:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. - Student Lounge
Local media panelists (Tv, radio, newspaper)

Food Festival - Hispanic Dishes - Grand Finale to National Hispanic Heritage Month
Wednesday, October 12th - 11:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.
All sorts of dishes from Spanish speaking countries

ADA Walk-a-thon - The American Diabetes Associaton
Saturday, November 5th - Time - TBA - Plaza One / Edinburg Regional Medical Center

First Annual STC Club Awards

We can proudly say that in last year's first ever Club Awards, our Spanish Club took away 2 of the 4 recognition awards given to our more than 20 clubs here at STC. Daniel Díaz, our vice- president last year, was recognized as the Student Leader of the Year and Mr. Héctor Villarreal and Mr. Mario Espinoza, club sponsors, were honored as the Sponsors of the Year.

List of Spanish Links

  • Alta Vista Search the web in any language!
  • Google Language Tools Search with Google, translate text, etc.!
  • Infoseek in Spanish
  • Terra Spanish Language portal site
  • Yahoo! en español
  • Spanish Language, literature in Spanish, music, chat and more.
  • EspanOlé-resource for students and teachers. Lot's of well organized links!
  • Latino Web The virtual information center for Latino resources.

Spanish Dictionaries

Literatura Y Cultura

Spanish Language Learning Sites

  • BBC Education - Spanish Many Resources for learners of Spanish organized by level; Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced.Games & resources available for travelers also.
  • Business Spanish Lessons offers free online lessons.
  • Conguemos
  • Dialogos Colombianos "...ethnographic video for the study of nonverbal communication patterns of Spanish-speaking individuals in Bogotá Colombia. " Videos of converstations about a variety of topics.
  • Foreign Languages for Travelers Choose Spanish. Basic phrases and words with sound!
  • Gramática Explanations of basic Spanish 1grammar with interactive exercises.
  • Learn Spanish A free online tutorial(Warning! this site is also trying to sell books!)
  • Mundo 21 An extensive series of links with information about each country studied in Mundo 21
  • Spanish Grammar Exercises by Barbara Kuczun Nelson at Colby College. Wonderful exercises plus an extensive list of other online interactive exercises for Spanish.
  • Spanish Language Excercises by Juan Ramón de Arana
  • Spanish Language Resources from Houghton-Mifflin. Culture, language, media, and more.

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