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The Associates of Arts degree with a field of study in Philosophy is designated for students planning to transfer to a baccalaureate degree in Philosophy or Liberal Arts at four-year institutions. The curriculum includes general academic courses and electives that enable students who intend to major or minor in Philosophy to transfer to four-year institutions with substantial course work completed.

Completing a Philosophy program can expand opportunities in teaching, law school, and other related areas while teaching lifetime skills of analysis and multicultural reasoning. The Philosophy program has a foreign language requirement attached to it that will complete most four-year institution requirements.

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Name E-mail Phone Location
Basham, Lee labasham 956-872-2550 Pecan PB 25 A
Braune, Dominic (Nick) nbraune 956-973-7629 Mid-Valley G-280
Hutchins, Debby dhutchins 956-973-7616 Mid-Valley G-279
McBride, Jeffrey mcbridej 956-872-2093 Pecan PB 25 A
Merrill, Sarah mserrill 956-872-5646 Pecan PB 29 A-2
Molina Achoa, Andrés amolinao Pecan PB 26 A
Nelson, Christopher cnelson 956-872-6715 Pecan G-139
Norman, Theresa tjnorman 956-872-2552 Pecan PB 25 A
Wilson, Aaron - Assistant Chair awilson3 956-872-2519 Pecan PB 25 A
Zents, Jeffery jzents 956-872-2118 Pecan PB 25 A

For faculty not listed, please contact the department.

Name E-mail Phone Location
Longoria, Norma - Department Secretary nlongori 956-872-2094 Pecan A-117

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