The Associates of Arts degree with a field of study in History is designated for students planning to transfer to a baccalaureate degree in History or Liberal Arts at four-year institutions.

The curriculum includes general academic courses and electives that enable students who intend to major in History to transfer to four-year institutions. Completing a History program can expand opportunities in teaching, law school, journalism and other related areas.

Instruction in History will promote critical thinking and writing, as well as develop an awareness of how the past has shaped the present. 

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Name E-mail Phone Location
Allen, Dr. Mark B. bmallen 956-488-2037 Pecan P-3.151
Barrera, Dr. James B. jbbarrer 956-872-8341 Pecan P-3.117
Blaine, Dr. Patricia pblaine 956-872-3418 Pecan P-3.124
Burton, Dr. Judd jhburton 956-872-5614 MVC 250
Carter, Dr. William bcarter 956-872-2184 Pecan P-3.125
Davis, Dr. Christopher crdavis 956-872-2275 Pecan P-3.151
DeGarimore, Robert rfdegarimore 956-488-2275 STRC E-2.632
Elizondo, Dr. Rainlilly relizondo17 956-973-7614 Mid-Valley H-136
Garcia, Fred fgarcia 956-488-7206 Pecan P-3.149
Gomez, Laura lgomez 956-973-7635 Mid-Valley G-254
Gomez, Victor vgomez 956-872-2070 Pecan PB 20
Gonzales, Dr. Trinidad tgonzale 956-872-3513 Pecan P-3.155
Kennedy, R. Sean skennedy 956-872-2654 Pecan P-3.126
Parker, Dr. Annie P. aliss 956-872-5620 Pecan P-3.154
Miller, Dr. Jaclyn jmiller9 956-872-2654 Pecan P-3.119
Muñoz, Elizandro emunoz74 956-973-7630 Mid-Valley G-135
Reyes, Gilberto Jr. greyes 956-872-2170 Pecan P-3.150
Rice, John Steven jsrice 956-872-3459 Pecan P-3.156
Ridge, Michael mridge 956-872-2021 Pecan PB 29-A-4
Rodriguez, Joel jrodri20 956-872-2281 Pecan P-3.118
Rodriguez, Juan C. jcrodriguez 956-872-1970 Pecan P-3.153
Sabin, Jodi jlsabin 956-447-6656 Mid-Valley G-256
Terry, John jterry2 956-872-7203 Pecan P-3.123
Uribe Alfonso afuribe 956-872-3466 Pecan PB 1-120

For faculty not listed, please contact the department.

Name E-mail Phone Location
Longoria, Norma (Department Secretary) nlongori 956-872-2094 Pecan P-3.116
Villanueva, Dolores dvillan8 956-872-2561 Pecan P-1.148

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Study Abroad

Charles Robinson History Major Scholarship

Charles Robinson
Former STC History Instructor
& San Benito, TX, native

Student Requirements

  • Maintain a 3.0 overall GPA
  • Student must be a current STC declared History major and will plan on attending STC the following semester to receive the award
  • Write a book review on one of Charles Robinson's books. **

Book Reviews

*Only one scholarship is awarded to the most qualified candidate per academic year.

**Note, book reviews are assessed by a STC History faculty. Receipts of the award will be expected to write a book review at college level. It is advised to have your book review proofread by a CLE writing tutor and/or history faculty.


  • Length of 600-900 words (2-3 pages)
  • Formatted and Citation in Chicago or Turabian style
  • Book review must be submitted as a word processing document to SafeAssign using our course Blackboard site (Blackboard link will be provided once you contact the department chair).
  • Your review should be double-spaced, use a 12 font size, and a standard font lettering style such as Times New Roman.

Available Books to Review:

  • The Men Who Wear the Star: The Story of the Texas Rangers
  • General Crook and the Western Frontier
  • A Good Year to Die: The Story of the Great Sioux War
  • The Fall of a Black Army Officer: Racism and the Myth of Henry O. Flipper

Elements of a Quality Book Review

  • Brief bio-summary of the historian
  • Brief summary of book's thesis and main points
  • Evaluation of sources
  • Assessment of the work;s contribution to the field (Historiography)
  • Assessment of Criticisms
  • Fitting conclusion
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