The Sociology Concentration is an excellent transfer program. Graduates are able to transfer with full credit and complete their Bachelor's Degree with only two years of additional study. Since the study of Sociology covers the basic structures of human society with its cultures and stratifications, it is a popular major among those who want to enter career fields that address social change and social support such as human resources, human services, public relations, government agencies and any other institution that requires knowledge of social science research.

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Arizmendi, David darizmen 956-872-3491 Pecan T1-642
Chamberlain, Jenny jlchamberlain 956-973-7642 Mid-Valley G-278
De La Cruz, Marcie mdelacru 956-488-5878 Starr E2-722
Flores, Sylvia slflores 956-872-5615 Pecan T1-334
Hinojosa, Dr. Nihan Kayaardi kayaardi 956-872-2030 Pecan T1-314
Longoria, Rolando rlongo14 956-488-5783 Pecan T2-630
Loresco, Dr. Royal lorescor 956-872-2666 Pecan T2-628
Pottle, Holly hpottle 956-973-1214 Mid-Valley PB 1A1
Sepulveda, Carlos csepulveda_1348 956-872-2028 Pecan PB 26B

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Ramirez, Rosalba rramirez_5964 956-872-6724 Pecan T1-326