The philosophy of the Kinesiology Program encourages student participation in a variety of activities, especially those involving new skills. The Kinesiology Program emphasizes individual sports and fitness that has carry-over value beyond the student's school years.

The department offers a wide variety of academic, distance learning, and physical activity laboratory courses in the areas of physical education pedagogy (teaching), fitness, health education, dance, coaching, leisure studies, and specialized certification courses. Activity courses are designed for beginners, unless otherwise described.

The vast majority of Kinesiology and Health lecture courses are transferable toward a B.S. degree in Kinesiology and Health at UTPA. Additionally, the department offers a diverse range of physical activity laboratory courses (individual and team sports), which fulfill the required Kinesiology physical activity credits for a four-year degree and promotes life-long learning.

Many students with a disability participate in physical education. The Kinesiology Department in conjunction with ADA can arrange for an adapted program or advise the student for course selection. Students with disabilities who wish to have the physical education requirement waived must meet with the program chair.

Degree Plans Faculty Staff

Name E-mail Phone Location
Angangan, Brent coachb 956-872-3649 Pecan Plaza 2607 N
Ayala, Brenda bayala 956-872-3706 Pecan Plaza 2607 E
De Los Santos, Dr. Rebecca - Program Chair bdls 956-872-3725 Pecan Plaza 2607 F
Martinez, Robert martinez_0354 956-872-3638 Pecan Plaza 2607 D

For faculty not listed, please contact the department.

Name E-mail Phone Location
Farias, Sylvia sylviaf 956-872-3707 Pecan Plaza 2607 A