General Waste


Wastes not contaminated with hazardous chemical, infectious, radioactive or other physical agents.

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  • Office wastes
  • Glass and plastic ware
  • Chemically-or physically-treated xxxxx
Packaging Guidelines
If Discarding: Then:
Office wastes (see Recyclable
Materials for paper wastes)
Place waste in trash receptacle.
Disposable glass
  1. Place plastic bag inside "Glass Only" box or similar puncture-proof container.
  2. When full, seal bag, and close box with tape.
Disposal Information
For: Then:
Office, glass, and regular trash
  1. Custodian will remove from your location, and take to area dumpster.
  1. Liquids should be poured down the drain.
  2. Semi-solid materials should be placed in a plastic bag and disposed of in trash receptacles.
  3. Solid materials should be placed in regular trash receptacles, except for glass items which should be disposed of in "Glass Only" box.
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